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Antisocial Personality Disorder: Not a Wilting Flower

From the second volume in my three-part book series, Healing The Mind & Body The antisocial personality disorder does not mean someone who is shy avoid social contact, or hates society. In many cases, the extremely warm and charming salesman who sells you worthless shares in a failing company is antisocial. The

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The Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

This series on the 13 personality disorders is largely taken from the second volume of my book trilogy, Healing the Mind and Body. To learn more about personality disorders, including recognition signs and therapies, feel free to purchase my book online here. Perhaps it’s helpful to have certain movie characters in mind

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The Narcissist: It’s All About Me

Do you know there are at least 13 documented and completely different forms of personality disorders? In the second volume of my book, Healing the Mind and Body, I cover all of the primary personality disorders, as well as the causes of disorders and how to recognize a personality disorder.

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Histrionics personality disorder

Got a Histrionic in Your Life?

Over these summer months, I’ll be addressing various personality disorders. Personality disorders are varied, for sure. When family or friends discern in someone they know the signs or symptoms of a disorder, they should assist that person in getting help as quickly as possible. In some cases, psychologists are reluctant to treat personality

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Resisting Medication?

If you’re resistant to trying medication on your doctor’s suggestion, you’re not alone. Every doctor has a number of patients who are reluctant to begin a “medication trial,” and some for good reason. There are people who have struggled to recover from addiction and alcoholism, and strongly resist taking any

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Treatments for Eating Disorders

In the first part of this series on Eating Disorders, I’ve addressed the absolute seriousness of this disease, as well as some of the more subterfuge signs to look for. Treating eating disorders is a complicated process as it involves so many aspects of the human personality, chemical unevenness in the brain,

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The One Way Ticket Disorder: Warning Signs of Eating Disorders

EatingDisorders (EDs) are more complicated than any other disorder. They’re not only the most complicated to diagnose, but also the most difficult to resolve, even more difficult than drug addictions. The interplay between mind and body is especially intense in EDs. Eating Disorders are far more common in females than in

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How To Discontinue Medication

When medications have assisted a patient through an emotional crisis or resolved a chronic mood disorder and the patient has demonstrated stability for a reasonable period of time, a consultation will be in order to discuss discontinuing medication. We first want to see how they do when we taper back to a lower

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first client visit - Dr. Paul Corona

What Our First Doctor-Patient Interview Is Like

Sometimes, if people have never sought out a “head doctor,” there’s some reluctance and anxiety about the initial meeting. I’ve heard plenty of rumors as to how other doctors conduct their first interviews with clients, but I’d like to share with you how my first doctor-patient interview is done in my office

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Where Black Box Warnings Go Wrong for Bipolar Disorder

Lately, the media has given a lot of attention to “Black Box Warnings” for increased risk of suicide for patients under 18 years of age to mid-20s who are prescribed psychotropic medications. For every highly publicized individual instance of a radically adverse response to medication, there are thousands of patients who

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Panic Disorder Affects Mind and Body

At least one out of every 75 people suffers from Panic Disorder, which is something of a subset of a number of Anxiety Disorders. Anxiety Disorders involve processes that are both mental and physical, and create problems that are both mental and physical. One reason why these sort of mood disorders

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