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Healing Mind and Body: Volume 3

Healing the Mind and Body: Volume 3

Healing Mind and Body: Volume 3

Patients are as likely to be interested as doctors in this third volume of Dr. Paul Corona’s Healing the Mind and Body by discovering the critical importance of:

Collecting a comprehensive record of the patient’s family history, personal history and medical history, because these factors have everything to do with the development, diagnosis and effective treatment of mood disorders.

Having on hand a complete and up-to-date reference guide to the psychotropic medications available for the treatment of mood disorders and useful descriptions regarding the pros and cons of various medications, explaining, for instance, why one medication with similar properties to another may be less effective with some patients.

Having a rational approach to treating mood disorders, including keys to choosing the best medication as soon as possible, knowing when to increase or decrease the dosage or add an augmenting agent, and practical insights on how these decisions are made, based on years of experience.

Knowing each patient as a person and closely tracking his or her progress until all of the doctor-patient goals of optimum well-being have been achieved. These concerns are illustrated through a number of case histories in which readers are likely to recognize themselves or someone they know.

Responding to increased encroachment of government intervention and control of the healthcare industry. Dr. Corona’s analysis of the broken state of our current medical system reveals serious flaws and loopholes that not only permit abuse but encourage it. At times controversial, his assessment of managed care, Obamacare and the trend toward socialized medicine raises an alarm that must not be ignored. Instead of allowing our medical treatment options to continue to slip out of our hands and patient services to continue to deteriorate, Dr. Corona offers solutions and strategies to return health care to a free market system.