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Resisting Medication?

If you’re resistant to trying medication on your doctor’s suggestion, you’re not alone. Every doctor has a number of patients who are reluctant to begin a “medication trial,” and some for good reason. There are people who have struggled to recover from addiction and alcoholism, and strongly resist taking any sort of pill that would … Read more

Slight Differences in Symptoms Require Big Difference in Prescription

Too many times psychiatrists apply the same medication to patients who might be complaining about similar symptoms when their symptoms come from a cause that is uniquely differentiated than another cause. Prescription medications for depression or anxiety are not like aspirin that can be used for multiple issues. Proper treatment requires careful and persistent diagnosis. … Read more

How To Discontinue Medication

When medications have assisted a patient through an emotional crisis or resolved a chronic mood disorder and the patient has demonstrated stability for a reasonable period of time, a consultation will be in order to discuss discontinuing medication. We first want to see how they do when we taper back to a lower dose. In fact, with some … Read more

What Our First Doctor-Patient Interview Is Like

first client visit - Dr. Paul Corona

Sometimes, if people have never sought out a “head doctor,” there’s some reluctance and anxiety about the initial meeting. I’ve heard plenty of rumors as to how other doctors conduct their first interviews with clients, but I’d like to share with you how my first doctor-patient interview is done in my office to better put your anxieties … Read more

When You Have Multiple Symptoms

In traditional medicine, it’s sometimes easier to focus on the primary (or only) complaint when patients come in. Granted, some patients who see me do have just one primary issue or complaint, and that’s what I call the beginning of the rabbit hole. In most cases, if asked enough questions, we can uncover more minor issues that … Read more

Chronic Skin Symptoms Are Often Your First Alert

By now, you’ve probably figured out on your own that the skin that wraps our bodies is serviced by the nervous system. Therefore, chemical imbalances related to mood disorders can cause reactions in the skin. Some chronic skin symptoms are itchy (such as eczema),  annoying (like acne), dangerous, or extremely painful. Many people are very … Read more

Norepinephrine Imbalance

The second neurochemical I will discuss is norepinephrine. If you haven’t read the last two blogs, I would advise reading those before this one: About Serotonin Neurochemical Imbalances Norepinephrine is an important chemical to recognize when it is imbalanced. There are certain symptoms and history that suggest the need to balance it. If there are … Read more