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Hi! Welcome to my new website and my first ever blog. For those who are not aware, I have moved into my new solo office, downstairs from where I was, in Suite 101. My assistant Esther has thankfully been with me for many years. We are thrilled to be in our new permanent office.

I will update this site regularly. I invite you to send your questions and comments. If you want me to answer it individually, let me know. If you allow me to post it, be assured of strict confidentiality.I may include thoughts for the week, interesting things I learn, and may share an interesting patient I saw among the many fascinating people I see. I will also discuss topics based on your questions and comments.

I have been a Family Doctor for almost 20 years, and I have enjoyed treating the full spectrum of primary care problems. I have been particularly interested in how disorders of mood such as stress, anxiety disorders and depression affect the physical body. This results in chronic pain as well as other physical problems. I Have alot of experience treating all ages, and it is exciting and rewarding to change so many lives for thr better.

I look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon. I would invite you to read my book if you haven’t, which is also available at my office. I love to sign them! Call me at (949)481-0118. So long for now.

To your health and happiness, Dr. Paul