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We’re always happy to see new patients and continue helping returning patients – it’s simply our goal to help anyone in every way we can.

If you’re new to Dr. Paul Corona, just complete our New Patient Application Form. Once you submit it, we will set you up for an appointment. Also, be sure to sign up for Dr. Corona’s free chapter on handling stress – the sign-up form is on the right column of the website here.

If you’re a returning patient, see our Returning Patient information for fastest service!

Thank you and we look forward to helping you move into a more refreshing, rewarding lifestyle!

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Online Resources

Healing the Mind and Body: Volume 1

Over the last 30 years, Dr. Paul Corona has treated tens of thousands of patients who struggle with a number of common ailments and issues because of chemical imbalances in the nervous system.

Healing the Mind and Body: Volume 2

In this Doctor and Patient Guide of Healing the Mind and Body you will learn: Why the cooperative healing process begins in the exam room and what you can do during the interview to maximize its benefits.

Healing the Mind and Body: Volume 3

Patients are as likely to be interested as doctors in this third volume of Dr. Paul Corona’s Healing the Mind and Body by discovering the critical importance of…