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New Year Got You Feeling Less Than Motivated?

New Year Got You Feeling Less Than Motivated?

New Year depression

So, the New Year has dawned. Everyone around you is high on goals and visions and new activity and efficiency. You, on the other hand, would just rather stay in bed.

Millions of people feel depression after the holidays more than any other time of the year. And, millions of people don’t speak up about it because they feel that they’re the only one, surrounded by chirpy people who take a liking to singing songs such as “High Hopes” (of an ant, no less).

Yes, there are times when we all feel a lowering of mood. But if you feel stuck in a low energy, fatigued place were even your body parts ache or pain you, you might be suffering real depression.

After seeing tens of thousands of clients, I can assure you that depression isn’t just “in your head.” In the vast majority of cases, it’s a neurochemical imbalance that can be corrected (and pretty swiftly).

There are so many misconceptions and myths about taking medication to lessen depressive symptoms. The #1 Myth I hear is this: Taking Medications Indicates Weakness of Character.”

In other words, a neurochemical imbalance is something a person can control through sheer will power. I am sure you’ve heard pep talks, “Stop griping, other people have it much worse than you,” or “Why can’t you just pull yourself together?” or “Just pick yourself up by your bootstraps and move on.”

Obviously these comments don’t even come close to a clinical assessment of the patient’s condition or take into account the possibility of neurochemical imbalances as a cause that lies outside one’s control. They are merely platitudes that have the effect of intensifying the patient’s despair of getting better because they add stress and guilt to their condition.

In most cases of depression, the neurochemicals in your brain are simply not doing their job. Modern medications available today allow relief to so many people who have thought all along that they needed to “suffer in silence.”

In my book, Healing the Mind and Body, Volume 1, I address 11 (yes ELEVEN!) Myths and Misconceptions that people commonly have about medications for neurchemical imbalances such as depression. As you’ll find in the reading, there are hundreds of options available to you, and it doesn’t take months to land on the option that’s right for you. Normally, it takes just a matter of days or a couple weeks to begin righting your world.

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