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Healing the Mind and Body: Volume 2 (Paperback)

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This book can improve your life once and for all. You can now hold the key that unlocks the secret truths about the reality of the mind/body connection. After 15years of painstaking study, Dr. Paul Corona will help you incorporate them into your life. He takes you to the cutting edge of medicine and beyond by explaining how the mind and body cannot be separated, and describes how he has helped literally tens of thousands of patients achieve the happiness they desire. Dr Corona explains why psychotropic medications are widely misunderstood in our society and “explodes” the countless myths surrounding their usage. Furthermore, he explains why they are the best choice for balancing neurochimicals in order to prevent mental and physical problems. You will come to understand why psychotropic medicines are the most “holistic” and preventative approach to healing the mind and body since they allow the body to do what it cannot do on its own by allowing people to balance their own neurochimicals and thus prevent future problems. Known affectionately by many of his patients simply as “Dr. Paul” he describes his profound discoveries as a journey. Through the pages of this book, he invites you to accompany him along a path that promises to yield many new and exciting discoveries. He will show you where he has been, and together you will continue along the never-ending path. He firmly believes that happiness is found along the way, not just at the end of the road. Neurochimical imbalances clutter the path for many people, but they no longer have to. At long last you hold in your hands the guide that will enable you to achieve optimal mind and body harmony to forever improve the quality of your life.



Healing the Mind and Body: Volume 2 The Doctor and Patient Guide

Healing the Mind and Body: Volume 2

Healing the Mind and Body: Volume 2

In this Doctor and Patient Guide of Healing the Mind and Body you will learn: Why the cooperative healing process begins in the exam room and what you can do during the interview to maximize its benefits.

The mysterious ways that the nervous system affects no only mood and feeling, but also how our thoughts can produce real physical disorders and illnesses as well.

The uniqueness of every human brain, in particular developmental strategies most people use to cope with stress, and how today’s medications combined with a number of time-honored spiritual traditions can help us manage harmful stress.

How mood disorders and addiction form a vicious cycle in which the one constantly reinforces the others, and the means that the family physician now has on hand to break the cycle by addressing both mood and addition.

The impossibility, hardship and health risks of living with someone who has a personality disorder – for example, the narcissist, sociopath, borderline or histrionic – and how to recognize patterns associated with personality disorders and strategies for moving your life forward without losing your mind.

How working with people who suffer from mood disorders is like solving a living puzzle, only much more challenging and a million times more rewarding.


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