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From Dr. Paul Corona’s book, Healing the Mind and Body, Volume 3

We’re so fortunate to live in a time when many excellent medications are widely available to relieve depression and other symptoms. In one generation, the treatment of anxiety and depression has moved from symptomatic medications and narcotics – that did little more than dull the emotional pain of patients, cloud their minds and set them on a path to addition – to a host of effective and non-addictive medications that target the actions of specific neurochemicals to relieve depression.

Moreover, most of these insurance plans cover these medications so that patients are only responsible for an affordable copay.

Newer and sometimes better medications are being introduced to the general public at a mind-numbing rate, and I am constantly learning more specific and better ways to dose and titrate them as I gain experience with them. This is one reason why the field of patient care is so exciting. We are constantly learning more about how the neurochemistry of our brain and nervous systems works and what we can do to help it function properly when it becomes imbalanced. The really good news is that we can successfully treat and achieve full remission for the vast majority of patients that need such help.

I find this subject endlessly fascinating, and the more details about the specifics of each psychotropic medication that I learn, the more interesting it becomes to practice working with it and individualizing treatment for patients in even better ways.

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