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The Dr Paul Show – Off Label Part 3 – Episode 13

Dr. Paul discusses the third of a four part series about the term off label, and the many benefits that can be gained when the doctor understands to use these to benefit not only emotional but also physical problems that patients have. He believes that if doctors are not prescribing psycho tropic medications off label then they are not practicing cutting edge medicine. he also explains why it is difficult to understand this by reading about it since this type of information is not easily found in standard ways.

The Dr Paul Show – Off Label Part 2 – Episode 12

Dr. Paul continues his discussion on off label prescribing of psychotropic medications. The subject is that the cutting edge of the treatment of the mood disorders, which allows using these medication in exciting and creative ways to help not only the diagnosis they were intended for but also many other potential benefits to help the mind as well as the body at the same time.

The Dr Paul Show – Off Label Part 1 – Episode 11

Dr. Paul begins a four part series on off label he explains that this is a very important subject that he has built his practice on. The term means using psychotropic medications for the indication that is not originally indicated for. He believes that if these medications are not prescribed off label then this will prevent the person from getting fully better for me mood disorder.