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I know I have a major makeover happening!

I was just on your website and I think it is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with me. I cannot wait for the TV show to come out, I just wish I could get some of those makeovers. I feel very confident that my major makeover will come with the new medication you are starting me on. Thank you for being you. Jane B

I think I’ve got the WOW!

I had to wait all weekend for my insurance to decide it was ok for me to take the medicine you prescribed last week, since I'm over 18..(slightly!) I was able to take a dose this afternoon..I was a little nervous as this is a big step medication for me. I don't want to read too much into it..but I REALLY FEEL GREAT RIGHT NOW ONLY TWO HOURS LATER!! I think this is what you've been talking about all these years. Just wanted to let you know and thanks for sticking with me for the last fifteen years! Yahoo! I see you in a month hopefully a new person.

You take a far deeper interest in patient care than your average practitioner.

Dr. Corona, it was great to finally meet with you last week. After hearing about all of the exciting (and time consuming) events in your professional life, I really am honored that you made the time.

I am finally living life as the person I was meant to be.

I am a 54 yr. old female. I suffered from severe generalized anxiety for many years. I had gone from antidepressant to antidepressant. Each one would work for a while and then peter out, to leave me shivering with anxiety once again. To anyone who understands what this is like you get it. For others, even some doctors would say, Well, you look ok. Dr. Corona understood from the first appointment what I was going through and gave me hope that finally I had found a permanent solution to my debilitating anxiety. Not only have I not had anxiety from about the second week of treatment, but I feel better than I ever have my entire life!

I can now make better choices and am a happier person.

It has now been five years since you've been treating me for depression. You have seen me through one of my most difficult times, which was being diagnosed with breast cancer last year, having surgery last year and this year, and then getting the diagnosis of fibromyalgia, active CMV, and Epstein Bar virus.

Life changing is nothing short of what I think about your approach.

Amazing book! It took me just 2 days to read it. I think you know how much I appreciate you help over the years. I thought you might have used me as a subject, as I was a difficult nut to crack. However, you stuck with me, and life is now so much better. Life changing is nothing short of what I think about your approach. Alan