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When a person finds a caregiver such as yourself it is a treasure to keep.

I am a 53-year-old patient and a woman/single mother. I first met you on a referral from someone at an A.D.D. convention. I had been through 2+ years of a serious depression that I could not get turned around. Prior to this I had many significant losses simultaneously happening in my life-enough to bring the strongest person down. That on top of being a chronic pain patient with A.D.D. as well, I needed help. Thank God I found you.

Thank you for giving me a reason to live life to its fullest!

Dr. Corona, I wanted to thank you for your assurance that you would get me to a place, where I would enjoy people places and things; that I would laugh and smile because I was genuinely happy and not trying to cover up my sadness; that I would be able to feel all emotions in a sane and rational way, and that I would be able to competently cope with difficult situations.