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Dr. Paul continues discussing the various places the people get medical advice. The other very commonplace is on the Internet. Dr. Paul cautions people to be very careful about such advice, even if it seems to come from credible sources. Certain people on the Internet have an agenda that may not be in the best interest of the person suffering. There is a lot of advice from non-medical sources to have strong opinions. He cautions that even sources that are medical or from the pharmaceutical company can lead to a lot of confusion because there is conflicting information from different sources. This advice is probably not individualized to the needs of the individual reading the material. Also, a lot of the medical information is regulated by the federal government’s, which prevents freethinking and advice and prevents out-of-the-box thinking and prescribing, which is essential in the field of mental health. Another source to be cautious of getting medical advice from his the pharmacist. Even though they know a lot about medications, they are not clinicians and likely do not understand how we experts prescribe and combine certain medications. The best source is a clinician who has an expertise and deep understanding of mental health and other physical health problems.