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What Our First Doctor-Patient Interview Is Like

first client visit - Dr. Paul Corona

What Our First Doctor-Patient Interview Is Like

first client visit - Dr. Paul Corona

Sometimes, if people have never sought out a “head doctor,” there’s some reluctance and anxiety about the initial meeting.

I’ve heard plenty of rumors as to how other doctors conduct their first interviews with clients, but I’d like to share with you how my first doctor-patient interview is done in my office to better put your anxieties at ease!

When first-time clients arrive, they usually want to talk about their physical problems, because the physical is the indicator that something is amiss elsewhere. Allowing my patients to set the agenda is important for several reasons. First, I like to show them that I am listening closely with few interruptions so that they understand immediately that I have a genuine care for them. I like to think that this also helps us begin a trust between each other. And, it may be that their condition is severe or even life-threatening and requires an immediate response.

Giving adequate time to their “opening monologue” can be the most important part of the entire visit. Personally, I find it invaluable to take notes while maintaining as much eye contact as possible. I’m never embarrassed to ask patients to repeat something they have said, as it’s crucial to hear their exact words.

Most patients are pleasantly surprised to find that the doctor is actually sitting there, eye-to-eye, listening to them tell their story. Most of our patients are intelligent and courteous enough to know that we have a busy schedule and are respectful of our time, but I never want a patient to feel rushed. In many cases, I have to make sure that my new clients don’t rush through their of complaints for fear that they will be cut off or interrupted before they’re able to cover all the items. In my office, it’s alright to take your time. (This is your life and ultimate happiness we’re talking about!)

As long as the information divulged is relevant to their overall health, I like to hear my patients out entirely. Given that their history plays in diagnosing and treating their problems, it only makes sense to spend as much time as it takes to complete the initial evaluation.

From there, I like to ask a series of important questions that help me hone in on possible chemical or neurochemical imbalances that are underlying issues and complications producing the physical effects. You’d be surprised how quickly and easily we can find culprits to begin the correct treatment immediately for significant changes!

Feel free to set your first doctor-patient interview appointment with me at our website. And, to learn more about chemical and neurochemical balance and imbalance, I encourage you to order my book set, Healing the Mind & Body, here at the website. I look forward to promoting greater health and happiness in your life!