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When You Have Multiple Symptoms

When You Have Multiple Symptoms

Dr. Corona - multiple symptoms

In traditional medicine, it’s sometimes easier to focus on the primary (or only) complaint when patients come in. Granted, some patients who see me do have just one primary issue or complaint, and that’s what I call the beginning of the rabbit hole. In most cases, if asked enough questions, we can uncover more minor issues that end up being just as important as the primary issue.

But if you’re feeling multiple symptoms, its important that you’re heard. Multiple symptoms are not about you whining or complaining – they are simply an indication that an underlying chemical imbalance is either complicating a physical problem or may even be the problem. For example, symptoms that include fatigue, difficulties with sleep, headaches, back pains, stomach pains, and other digestive issues – whether directly or indirectly – point us to the nervous system.

If there is a chemical imbalance, it is not unlikely to also feel an accompanying mood disorder. In this case, we might be able to confirm our suspicion that neurochemical issues need to be addressed. See? It’s not as convoluted or as rare as you might have been thinking all this time.

In my Pre-Appointment Survey, and in our talk together, the questions I’ve put together help us get to pre-diagnosis quickly. When you’re honest with me about how you feel, you will be surprised at how quickly we can begin remedying your feeling … and remedying your life.  Contact me with questions here at the website, or complete my pre-appointment survey.