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Why Neurochemicals Imbalance

Why Neurochemicals Imbalance

I’ve had recent questions about how and why neurochemicals imbalance, so I’ll try to briefly summarize.

The  chemicals within the nervous system ideally should move in one direction, which is forward. The problem is when the nerve cells leak, which results in the chemicals moving the wrong way, which is backwards. There are over 100 billion cells and over 100 trillion connections between the cells in one body, and the chemicals flow around the body  over 1,000 times every second! Pretty mind-blowing,huh?

The main chemicals I focus on are serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine, and GABA(gamma-aminobutyric acid). Each chemical when imbalanced results in different symptoms, and by listening to one’s history and consellation of symptoms I am then able to predict which medications are most likely to work. The catch though is that there is some trial and error involved, and that I figure out along the way if I am right based on the individual’s response. This means I need some patience from my patients as we figure this out together. Trust me, it’s worth it when it works.

The main reasons why neurochemicals imbalance is a result of genetic predisposition, hormonal changes, stressors, and other less common reasons. The majority of the reasons it occurs is not within one’s control. The medications work by fixing the leaks on the nerve cells by attaching to the sites I am targeting, which results in re-directing the flow of the chemicals in the right direction. The end result is that the person feels normal again(or sometimes for the first time!) In many of my patients it takes a combination of medications to adequately treat the combination of imbalances.

For more specific details of each chemical, refer to my book. If there are specific questions about this or any other questions post them here and/or e-mail them to