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The Difference Between Being Physically Active and Exercising

exercise for stress reduction

When patients first see me, I ask a number of questions one of which focuses on exercise. “I golf on weekends.” “I use the stairs at work.” “My job keeps me moving all day.” Perfect. But there’s a difference between being physically active and investing in cardiovascular exercise. People who enjoy relatively good health can … Read more

Chronic Skin Symptoms – Look for Stress First!

By now, you’ve probably figured out that the skin wrapping your body is serviced entirely by the nervous system. Therefore, chemical imbalances related to mood disorders can cause reactions in the skin, even chronic skin symptoms. Some chronic skin symptoms are itchy (such as eczema),  annoying (like acne), dangerously contagious (like herpes), or extremely painful … Read more

Avoidant Personality Fears Ridicule

addictive behavior - Dr. Paul Corona

There’s a difference between being shy and having an avoidant personality disorder. People with avoidant symptoms have such low self esteem and self worth that what they actually fear – ridicule and humiliation – is exactly what seems to pile on their heads. Avoidant personalities will seem to visibly flinch at attention. For this reason, … Read more

Slight Differences in Symptoms Require Big Difference in Prescription

Too many times psychiatrists apply the same medication to patients who might be complaining about similar symptoms when their symptoms come from a cause that is uniquely differentiated than another cause. Prescription medications for depression or anxiety are not like aspirin that can be used for multiple issues. Proper treatment requires careful and persistent diagnosis. … Read more

Where Black Box Warnings Go Wrong for Bipolar Disorder

Lately, the media has given a lot of attention to “Black Box Warnings” for increased risk of suicide for patients under 18 years of age to mid-20s who are prescribed psychotropic medications. For every highly publicized individual instance of a radically adverse response to medication, there are thousands of patients who have benefitted from treatment and … Read more

Non-addictive medications help relieve depression, other symptoms

From Dr. Paul Corona’s book, Healing the Mind and Body, Volume 3 We’re so fortunate to live in a time when many excellent medications are widely available to relieve depression and other symptoms. In one generation, the treatment of anxiety and depression has moved from symptomatic medications and narcotics – that did little more than dull the emotional … Read more

Anxiety Disorders Take on Many Forms

Excerpt from Healing The Mind and Body, Volume 2. If more people paid attention to their level of anxiety, they could avoid a great deal of unhappiness resulting from ongoing rumination, ill health, and disruptions in relationships with family members and co-workers. Typically, the agitation and irritability are the body’s way of telling us we need to … Read more